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Save Big on Taco Catering: Insider Tips for ...

Taco catering has become a popular choice for parties and events, offering a delectable and customizable culinary experience. Whether you're hosting a birthday celebration, corporate gathering, or a family get-together, taco catering adds a flavorful touch that leaves guests craving for more. ... click to continue

Creating Memorable Moments: How Taco Catering ...

Introduction Events should be memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. Weddings, corporate gatherings, birthdays... creating memorable moments can't be overstated. One way to elevate events to the next level is through the power of food, and specifically, taco catering. Taco ... click to continue

Our January Taco King Is Here!

Community is everything these days and we are forever indebted to the people that lead our local communities to greatness. So this month Rasta Taco® would like to name Shawn Wehan as the first Taco King of 2016! Born and raised in Dana Point, Shawn Wehan has always had a sense of pride in his ... click to continue

Romantic San Clemente Wedding with Ashley Strong ...

We recently catered a beautiful wedding in the Little Spanish Village by the Sea (San Clemente, Ca) and was introduced to the amazing Ashley Strong. This woman has such a wonderful soul and amazing eye behind the lens, that we felt the need to share some of her photos from that day. For more info ... click to continue

Wedding Catering at the San Diego Botanic Garden

Rasta Taco® absolutely loves catering weddings! We recently had the privilege of serving alongside our sister Rasta Rita at an intimate wedding in the San Diego Botanic Gardens and it was nothing short of amazing… The ceremony was held at dusk and as the guests piled in to the ... click to continue

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