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October 31, 2015

Shaena Stabler, October 's Rita Queen

Shaena Stabler is so much more than just the co-owner of Stu News, an online Laguna Beach newspaper. She’s part of the fabric of the Laguna community. She sits on the board of the Friendship Shelter, a non-profit homeless shelter, and actively contributes to the indie music scene. Currently, Shaena’s writing her second record. Now, she can add ‘Rita Queen’ to her list too.

Shaena seems to have it all, but it was not always this way. Her compassion for the homeless stems from her own childhood, which was characterized by homelessness and parents with mental illness until her grandparents took her in to raise her.

Then, about a year ago, feeling disconnected emotionally and physically, Shaena resolved to change her health. She started with a challenge of 40 hikes in 40 days, and then picked up a new running habit. Today, she attributes the balance she has found emotionally, spiritually, and physically to these new healthy habits and she feels her music has benefited from it just as much. We agree!

Cheers to Queen Shaena and all she has accomplished!



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