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October 25, 2023

Exploring the Best Types of Tacos

Exploring the Best Types of Tacos


Hello taco lovers! Today our tour takes us through the tantalizing world of tacos, the famous Mexican handheld marvels with countless varieties. This world tour is as eclectic and diverse as the toppings that adorn these beautiful tortilla-wrapped gems. Dive in with me as we explore different types of tacos and see why these compact flavors bombs make foodies swoon around the globe.

Exploring the Best Types of Tacos

A Brief Introduction to Tacos

In this post, we're going to explore some of the most beloved taco styles and what makes each of them special. We'll journey from traditional Mexican street tacos to Taco favorites, and even venture into some innovative gourmet variations pleasing the most sophisticated palates.

Traditional Mexican Tacos

Moving south of the border, we enter the realm of traditional Mexican tacos. You’ll notice here that the fixation with crispiness subsides, replaced with a reverence for soft, flexible tortillas and a focus on simple, high-quality ingredients.

Street Tacos

     1. Carne asada (Grilled beef)

     2. Al pastor (Marinated pork, often cooked on a spit)

     3. Suadero (Beef brisket)

     4. Garnishes like chopped onions, fresh cilantro, lime wedges, and flavorful salsa

Exploring the Best Types of Tacos


Birria Tacos

A recent rise in popularity has put Birria Tacos on the foodie map. They're made with:

     1. Slow-cooked beef or goat, stewed with chilies and spices

     2. Served in a soft tortilla, dipped in the rich consommé from the stew and then pan-fried for a unique touch

Gourmet Tacos

Stepping away from tradition, let's venture into the contemporary world of gourmet tacos. These feature unconventional fillings, aiming to delight and surprise the taste buds.

Seafood Tacos

Think fish and shrimp, marinated and cooked until delicate and flavorful, then served with:

     1. Fresh slaw or salad

     2. Pickled onions or jalapenos

     3. Creamy aioli or tangy salsa

     4. Often in a soft tortilla

Seafood tacos incorporate sweet, sour, savory, and salty elements for a balanced and exceptional flavor profile.

Exploring the Best Types of Tacos

Vegan Tacos

More plant-based and health-conscious trends lend themselves to the creation of Vegan Tacos. Fillings can be as diverse as:

     1. Grilled vegetables

     2. Pulled jackfruit

     3. Marinated tofu

     4. Vegan cheese and sour cream

     5. Fresh and vibrant salsas and guacamole

Exploring the Best Types of Tacos

If you're a taco lover seeking a unique and unforgettable taco experience, our taco journey wouldn't be complete without a stop at Rasta Taco. Rasta Taco brings a whole new dimension to the world of tacos, infusing them with the spirit of the Caribbean and a dash of gourmet creativity.

Tex-Mex Tacos

Our first stop lands us in the world of Tex-Mex cuisine, where vibrant flavors blend Mexican food with a touch of Texan flair.

Crispy Shell Tacos

Tex-Mex tacos often arrive in noticeably crispy hard shells, which bring a satisfying crunch to every bite. They are usually filled with:

     1. Ground beef, seasoned to perfection

     2. Shredded lettuce

     3. Diced tomatoes

     4. Grated cheddar cheese

     5. A dollop of sour cream

“There's something profoundly satisfying about biting into a crunchy taco shell filled with hearty seasoned ground beef and all the trimmings.”


Breakfast Tacos

Start your day the Taco way with breakfast tacos, a morning staple in Texas. They often encapsulate:

     1.Scrambled eggs

     2. Potatoes

     3. Cheese

     4. Bacon or sausage

     5. Fresh jalapenos for a kick of heat

Served with a hot cup of coffee, a breakfast taco can start your day on a flavor high.



Whether you're a die-hard traditionalist or a foodie willing to explore exciting new flavors, the world of tacos offers something for everyone. From the crunch of a Taco hard shell to the tender bite of a street taco, the diversity is truly astounding. So the next time you're contemplating a casual snack or a gourmet feast, Rasta Taco is a must-visit destination in the world of tacos. They offer an exciting, Caribbean-infused escape for your taste buds, making them an essential stop on our taco tour. Dive into this flavorful paradise, and let Rasta Taco redefine your taco experience. You may find your taste buds tingling with delight and indulging in these handheld flavor bombs may just become your favorite foodie pastime.



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